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My name is Jesse. I was born and raised in Northern California's high Sierras. To this day, the mountains are where I feel
most at home; where I can hear the voice of my Creator most clearly, and where I see His masterful artistry most apparent.

These days, having finished my B.F.A. in graphic design and illustration, I've been traveling a lot. I work from wherever I happen to be--
up and down route 101, in the misty hills and coasts of the Bay Area, or trekking the Mojave alongside the Sierras on ol' highway 395.

This blog is a small vista into the things that interest me. Most photos, designs, paintings, and illustrations are not my own, unless
expressed otherwise. Now that you know a bit about me, feel free to scroll around, or drop a note to say hello-- I'd love to get to know you!


The key to protecting your heart is not allowing it to be anywhere that Christ is not. What I mean is that sometimes we don’t allow Christ to have full access of our lives, we sing our songs and raise our hands, we read our Bibles and pray our prayers. Yet, we don’t long for God the same way we long for others. That is why we fall into bad situations, we end up repeating addictions or bad habits. We end up in the wrong relationships, and damage them in the process.

When we say to Jesus, “Lord, have Your way in me, make something new.” we are telling God to have it all, and with that submission we start to see a change in our lives, a change of obedience, of trust, and how we look at others.

Jesus is the most important thing in all of creation, it would be wise to build your life around what He wants, and what He would do. By surrendering your heart to Him, you end up guarding it so well that you will only desire those holy things that God desires. A good marriage, helping those who need help, loving the unlovable, seeking justice, bringing about Christ’s kingdom to fruition, honoring the meek in spirit, and so on.

It is not enough that we get comfortable in our routines with God, because God is not wanting a robot, He wants a child that He can show the world to. He wants to take you places that you will have to trust Him completely, and He wants to make you a pro in the field of loving others truly.

Don’t wait for that boy or girl, start participating in the grand adventure of life, because we have been called by Christ to do so; and a ship is steered by the direction of its captain.


T.B. LaBerge // Go Now  (via courageous-and-strong)

(via courageous-and-strong)

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