All the Hemispheres

My name is Jesse. I was born and raised in Northern California's high Sierras. To this day, the mountains are where I feel
most at home; where I can hear the voice of my Creator most clearly, and where I see His masterful artistry most apparent.

These days, having finished my B.F.A. in graphic design and illustration, I've been traveling a lot. I work from wherever I happen to be--
up and down route 101, in the misty hills and coasts of the Bay Area, or trekking the Mojave alongside the Sierras on ol' highway 395.

This blog is a small vista into the things that interest me. Most photos, designs, paintings, and illustrations are not my own, unless
expressed otherwise. Now that you know a bit about me, feel free to scroll around, or drop a note to say hello-- I'd love to get to know you!

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